High-quality sound systems
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Recognized research

Why is audio important?

Research shows that 42% of visitors stay longer in shops where high quality background music is played.

The right AUDAC music system can make visitors shop 42% longer
The right AUDAC music system can lead to increased sales

Music that reflects your brand identity and target audience can increase sales by as much as 32%.

In addition to increasing sales, reflecting your brand identity in music also increases the chances of being remembered by consumers at a later date by 96%.

The right AUDAC music system can lead to increased fire recall
Boost the customer experience in your store
The right choice

Create a unique customer experience
in your retail shop

96% of entrepreneurs have recouped the investment of their sound system within 2 years, what are you waiting for to increase the experience of your retail store?

Does this sound like music to your ears?

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High-quality sound systems that provide a unique customer experience
5 year warranty

In our design process, we choose only the highest quality components that guarantee a long life for our solutions.

User-friendly control

AUDAC Touch™ is the user-friendly user interface that allows you to control your entire retail system (audio, light, ...) from your smartphone.

Give your brand a voice

Show who your brand is and what your brand stands for with music as the voice in your shop.

More than 25 years of expertise

Why work with AUDAC?

At AUDAC, it’s not just about the innovation of better products, it’s about creating an experience. That’s why we gather exceptional talent with various beliefs, perspectives and backgrounds, but we all share one common dream: changing audio for the better.

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At AUDAC, for over 25 years, you will find a passion for every speaker, music player (dab, dab+ radio), internet amplifier... that we design from SME to large multinationals. This passion results in a team of experts with the necessary experience to provide every retail store with the right sound system.

Boost the experience in your retail environment today
Express quality

Set the right tone in your retail environment

Each application has its own unique sound. Through our certified network of specialized audio dealers, we can provide you with a customized quote at very short notice. This will be fully adapted to the dimensions and acoustic properties of your retail shop.

Experience the unique sound quality yourself
Elegant loudspeakers for retail stores

Retail store

With their elegant design and unique sound quality, the AUDAC wall and ceiling speakers create a pleasant atmosphere in your retail environment.
AUDAC sound systems ensuring continuity at chain stores

Chain store

The continuity between your different shop branches is ensured by the user-friendly user interface AUDAC Touch™. Thanks to this application, you can control your entire shop system from any smart device.
Inspired by sound

AUDAC, your partner in audio

Since the very beginning, AUDAC, a state-of-the-art Belgian brand, has evolved into one of the world's most innovative audio companies, specializing in commercial audio solutions that can make a difference to your retail store. Now, 30 years later, you can find our speakers and amplifiers in more than 100 countries around the world.

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We work with some of the world's leading brands in our industry to provide leading-edge audio solutions for our target audience:

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